Add or edit a Calendar Event

Before adding an event search to see if its not already in the calendar.  Since the calendar has events over a year away already. If the event is there you will need to contact the author of the event and inform them of your information.  An easy way to do that is to use our member directory tab, than call or send them an email with the information you found.  If that person is no longer a member you will need to contact the webmaster, so access can be given to you.

Information on adding and editing a event can be forum by reviewing the following: Creating and Editing Calendar Entries and Calendar Event Posting Requirements

Those that need to edit a recurring event (ie Monthly Meetings) need to review this: Edit A Recurring Event

Remember, this information is only as accurate as its last update.

Add an Event to the Calendar

After filling in the event information (times, date, gathering location and type of event (category) select the publish button to add the event to the calendar.


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